Sunday, October 2, 2016

Such Things Are Possible Only In Japan

Female workers in Japan are very often over-stressed because of work which badly affects their daily life activities. But Ikemeso company has come up with a new service for the office women that can relieve their stress.

Female office workers now can rent a hot guy at Ikemeso to wipe their tears away at work. Ikemeso is a combination of two words “ikemen” and “mesomeso” which means “hot guy” and “crying”. So, whenever a women at work is overwhelmed with her emotions she can call Ikemeso and a hot guy will come right away, will offer his shoulder to cry on or wipe her tears away himself.

A girl can choose between these 6 guys.

A woman need to pay the fee of 7,900 yen (about $79) per booking.

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