Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Most Careless Doctors

1.The doctor who branded his patient uterus

2.The surgeon who watched a World Cup match during operation

3.The doctor who used his sperm to impregnate several patients

4.The doctor who inserted a screwdriver into his patient's back

5.The doctor who would perform ‘love surgery' without telling his patients and deformed most of them

6.The doctor who suffocated to death a 10-year-old while performing re-birthing therapy

7. The Baltimore doctor who left a sponge in his patient's spine

8.The pediatrician who abused 103 patients and kept videos from all of them

9.The doctor who placed a temporary tattoo to his patient while she was anesthetized

10.The doctor who performed nearly 3,000 lobotomies

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