Wednesday, August 4, 2010

12 Coolest Beach Towels

1.This ends the confusion of which side to use! Each side is clearly marked in this Butt and face towel ($16.84)

2.This Dead Body Beach Towel ($12.30) looks like something out of a crime scene and is sure to grab some attention.

3.Imagine all the explicit content that can be laying on this towel ($15.99) on a Sunday morning at the beach.

4.Funny towel ($27.99) that says: "Oh crab"!

5.There is nothing more frustrating than getting down to the pool after breakfast and seeing towel upon towel draped over the best sun beds. Introducing theReserved Beach Towel ($23.20)

6.Multi Slacker – this towel ($27.99) pretty much says it all!

7."Don't Drink & Dial" – a great advise printed on a beach towel ($27.99)

8.Be the envy of all your friends with this attention getting towel ($27.99) that reads "Feeling Shady".

9.Surprise All the Young Maties with Pirate Party Favors! Fill your goody bag with this Pirate Beach Towel ($12.95).

10.$100 Bill Beach Towel ($9.99)

11.Feel like a true Playboy bunny with this hot pink beach towel ($16.99).

12.Towelie is a large, full-size beach towel ($45) featuring big, red eyes... you can decide how they got so red.

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