Friday, July 2, 2010

10 Ridiculous Amazon Reviews

1.On times when you can buy a tank online for less than $20k, there's always time to laugh about it.

2.Because everyone has a view on zebra-striped trousers, there were over 50 hilarious reviews for it.

3.You would have thought that, in the days of Amazon online reader reviews, publishers would be a little more cautious with how they name their books, as in the case of "Penetrating Wagner's Ring"

4.You don't find many perishable foodstuffs for sale online, especially not by the gallon, reason why this milk bottle got a review like this one, and over a thousend more.

5.Who the heck would sell Uranium, nuclear material, online anyway?

6.This christian book's energetic title, "Birth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!", along with the self-published author Eliyzabeth Anderson's affair for caps lock, made impossible to avoid this and another 80+ allcaps funny reviews for the book.

7.This Cremation Urn was a perfect opportunity for a hilarious review, shuch as this and another 8 more.

8.This Playmobil Security Check Point is really more than just a toy, just read the 48 customer reviews.

9.Beyond the oddity of the product itself, the reviews are worth the visit as well.

10.And finally, the king of all Amazon review threads, the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.

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